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Preisvergleich Produktbild Cielo Slate Collection - schmale wasserdichte Pillendose als Schlüsselanhänger (Edelstahl)

Cielo Slate Collection - schmale wasserdichte Pillendose als Schlüsselanhänger (Edelstahl)

von Cielo Pill Holders
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Cielo Pill Holders

Cielo offers high quality stainless steel keychain pill fobs. Being sick likely isn't the best part of your life, and unfortunately most of the products to keep your medicine with you aren't the greatest quality either. Instead of cringing every time you pull out your medicine holder, what if you wanted to smile instead Imagine that your Pill Holder is so well-crafted and stunningly beautiful that it actually brings something positive to your day. Our Pill Holder products are meant to do exactly that. A Pill Holder is a small thing in life, but for so many people it's the thing they interact with more than almost anything else. Every time you open one of our Pill Holders, you'll discover the beauty of using a product that was designed with your experience in mind. Its sleek design makes the Single Chamber Pill Holder a stylish and discreet way to keep your pills with you wherever you go, while the high quality stainless steel offers unparalleled durability and protection that will last a lifetime. We hope you love your Pill Holder experience. Thank you!

Capacity: 9 aspirin sized pills

Inner Diameter: 0.5 inches

Cylinder Height: 1.75 inches

Total Height: 2.25 inches

Weight: 1.0 oz

Cylinder material: Stainless steel

Cap material: Stainless steel

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