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Preisvergleich Produktbild Euro Diamond Shine Bike Shiner mit Lufterfrischer - 5.0 Unze

Euro Diamond Shine Bike Shiner mit Lufterfrischer - 5.0 Unze

von Euro Diamond Shine
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Euro Diamond Shine
* Euro Diamond Shine Bike Shiner With Air Freshener.
* Brand: Euro Diamond Shine
* Weight: 5.0 oz / 150 ml
* Sale For: 1 Bike Shiner

* Caution
* Avoid contact with eyes & skin use with adequate ventilation
* Use on cool surfaces & keep out of reach of children.
* Contents are under pressure and inflammable.
* Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning.
* Store in a cool & dry place (bellow 50 deg. Cel. temp.)

Safety Tips
* Clean Surfaces with soft cloth.
* Briskly shakes can and hold cane upright and spray from a distance of about 7 inches.
* Use dry cloth to remove and excess deposits.

About Product.
Clean Shines and protects your bikes original painted surface vinyl plastic leather wooden furniture and rubber from the effect of suns ultra violet rays heat oxygen and ozone in One easy Step prevents drying discoloring hardening carking and weathering of the original beading bumper and site wall of tires. Shine beautifies and restores the natural colour to bring back that new bike look. Contains antistatic agents which reduces dust pick up.

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