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Preisvergleich Produktbild Infiniti QX30 2017 Car Mats ( ECO-Friendly XPE Leather 5D Diamond Stitching Designed) No Smell car mats (black)

Infiniti QX30 2017 Car Mats ( ECO-Friendly XPE Leather 5D Diamond Stitching Designed) No Smell car mats (black)

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The car mats material : 
PU leather+ sponge+xpe foam +hard magic snap bottom pu leather thickness: 0.7mm, sponge thickness: 7mm, xpe thickness: 4mm, magic snap bottom weight:110g )
Hi, Dear buyer,  welcome you to my online shopping platform. For your left or right hand vehicle I am able to Supply, custom-fit, tailor ship direct to your address prompt by 5 -10 shipping days. These are machine build,robust and will last you a very long time . These tailored carpets are hand-cut machine stitched at our factory. 100% attention to quality.
We cover over 400 different cars please inbox car details. BMW/AUDI/RANGE ROVER/JAGUAR/NISSAN /TOYOTA AND MANY MORE!... 
5 color available :
1: beige leather with beige stitching
2: coffee leather with beige stitching 
3: wine red leather with beige stitching 
4: black leather with red stitching 
5: brown leather with yellow stitching 
More advantage of feature : 
1:All material used are tailored, measured made to perfectly fit your vehicle. 
2:All come with correct and approved floor fixing systems to prevent them from moving and ensure complete safety. 
3: All use Eco-friendly material which will be waterproof and anti-vibration. 
4:It is odourless and non-toxic for your vehicle, this is (very important) for your health when sitting for a longtime in your vehicle. 
5:It made with Retardant materials ,and sound absorbing too, which is one of the top features of this. 
6:Easy clean with Full surround,floors/walls. 
Welcome Order , Enjoy Shopping Thank you !

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