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Preisvergleich Produktbild Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit 30ml + 50ml 4yrs Car Protect Keramische Beschichtung 9H Pro

Drexler Ceramic Coating Kit 30ml + 50ml 4yrs Car Protect Keramische Beschichtung 9H Pro

von Drexler Ceramic
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Drexler Ceramic

Our best seller Ceramic Coating kit for cars, worldwide used by the most exclusive detailers.
Manufactured in France with highest standards.

When applying our two layers formula, you will obtain a super hard (9H hardness level) protection, with ultra hydrophobic and glossy surface.
Our kit can be applied on various surfaces including painted parts, carbon fiber, aluminum parts, stainless steel parts, plastic parts.

Your vehicle will be protected against all chemical, salt, environment threats and swirls for 3 to 4 years with a minimum of maintenance.

Main highlights of our solution:
- Durability 3 to 4 years (can be up to 6 years with 2 Base coat layers)
- High gloss finish
- Hydrophobic / Water and dirt repellent
- Self cleaning 
- 9H Hardness
- Paint protection against swirls
- Extreme heat resistance (more than 500°C)
- Weather, UV and Chemical resistance

Your car wash will never be the same. Rare and Quick !

Everything is included to coat a big car or 2 small cars:
- 30ml Base Coat
- 50ml Top Coat
- Application pad + suedines
- Microfiber cloth
- Gloves

Instructions and more details are available on our website www.drexlerceramic.com
For more Pics/Videos, do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram: @drexlerceramic

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