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Preisvergleich Produktbild PU Buchse, 19-01-2667 Vordere Aufhängung, Stabilisator 80 ID 24 mm

PU Buchse, 19-01-2667 Vordere Aufhängung, Stabilisator 80 ID 24 mm

von Siberian Bushing
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Siberian Bushing
Polyurethan Buchse, Vordere Aufhängung, Stabilisator audi 80 (1993 - 1996); audi 80 / 90 / avant quattro (1983 - 1996); audi quattro / sport (1980 - 1991); volkswagen passat syncro (1985 - 1988) I.D. = 24 mm 80

OEM compatibility: 811411327B; 811 411 327 B

High-quality bushing of improved original design. Produced since 2000 from elastomers based on traditionally used polyurethane. All sizes match the original ones. Ideal for tuning and repair.

•ATTENTION: Professional skills and tools may need. Use of hammer tools while removal and installing is strictly prohibited.

•WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime. Excludes damages caused by misuse, abuse, other faulty parts, improper installation or Sports, commercial or marine use. Warranty expires when you sell your vehicle.

•INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SHIPPING FROM RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Combined shipping available. Shipping cost depends on summarized weight of all items and usually less than declared. Approximate delivery time to Asia and Europe: 15-25 days, to Australia, North and South Americas: 20-30 days. If you need your items urgently, please request for an expedited shipping EMS. EMS expedited shipping takes 7-12 days.

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