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Preisvergleich Produktbild Glass Polish Reparaturkit für Scheinwerfer und Rücklichter bei Trübung

Glass Polish Reparaturkit für Scheinwerfer und Rücklichter bei Trübung

von Glass Polish
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Glass Polish
Restore hazed, yellow and foggy headlights with our easy to use Do-It-Yourself headlight restoration kit.Restore, pitting, crazing, rough deterioration of the exterior of your headlights or any other acrylics surface.Designed for all types of Plastic/Acrylic car headlights and tail lights.Also can be used on boat windows, vinyl windows, acrylic skylights, motorcycle windshields etc.Very easy and safe to use with power drill with recommended speed at 2000rpm.Kit Comes with Special Sealant and Coating compound to protect surface from UVA and UVB rays, the coating will last up to 2 years.This kit will allow you to renew your lights, tail lights and remain nice, clean and looking as new.
Kit Contains:Velcro Backing Pad ( with drill attachment)50ml Headlight Polishing Compound50ml Specialist Sealant & UV Protector4 Velcro Felt Polishing PadsMicro Fibre Cloth Instructions

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