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Preisvergleich Produktbild GREENWON Alcohol Tester, Professional Portable Breathalyzer,with Semi-conductor Sensor and LCD Display

GREENWON Alcohol Tester, Professional Portable Breathalyzer,with Semi-conductor Sensor and LCD Display

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Notes: 1.Do not use the breath analyzer until it has been 20 minutes since the last drink.
2. To ensure the accuracy of the test result, please wait at least 3 minutes to begin next test after last test.
3.Do not use it in the environment of paints, pesticide, alcohol and other corrosive gas.
4.Once it turns on, it will take 15 seconds to warm up. After this it will beep and inform you to blow into the device. Both are timed so you know exactly when to do what. You have 10 seconds to blow into the device and then it will give you the results.
5. Pls peel off the protective film of Alcohol tester before use. 6. There are 5 mouth pieces in the back cover.

Detection Range
The blood alcohol tester provides you professional test range of 0.000-0.199% BAC & 0.00-1.99 BAC & 0.00-0.99 mg/l.

Friendly Design
When the test results are above 0.050%BAC or 0.500¡ëBAC or 0.250mg/L, it will send out alarm signal to inform you. It is also a good companion for breast-feed mother who want to know whether she can feed her child or not after drinking.

Portable and Convenient
Powered by three AAA batteries(not included), it is compact and portable so you can take it everywhere you go to ensure safe drive.

Sensor: high-precision semi-conductor sensor
Detection Range:0.000-0.199% BAC;0.000-0.995 mg/L (BrAC)
Warning Point: 0.050% BAC; 0.250mg/L (BrAC)
Warm-up time: Within 15 seconds
Respond time: Within 5 seconds
Operating temperature range: -10¡æ ~ 50¡æ
Digital display results (%BAC / ¡ëBAC / mg/L)
Power input: 3V (3 x "AAA" alkaline battery, not included)
LCD backlight: Blue

Package Included:
1 x Breath Alcohol Tester ( including 5pcs mouthpieces )
1 x Cloth bag
1x User Manual

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