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It's Purely Natural Treats 4oz-Beef Jerky Bars

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Loving Pet Products-Its Purely Natural Treats. Born with the simple concept of using delicious, all-natural and locally sourced ingredients. Loving Pets cares deeply about your pets and chooses every ingredient based on an unwavering commitment to health and quality. To preserve freshness naturally, every It's Purely Natural treat undergoes a slow cooking process for a delicious crunch dogs can't resist. Don't be fooled by soft jerky treats claiming to be natural and healthy, as they contain vegetable glycerin-which you'll never find in any Loving Pets product. This package contains 4-ounces of 100% natural dog treats. Flavor: Beef Jerky Bars. No additives, no by-products, no fillers. Glycerin free, soy free, gluten free and wheat free. Made in USA.

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