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Potjie Pot/Dutch Oven & Carrier - by Front Runner

von Front Runner
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Front Runner
Elevate your camp kitchen by cooking and baking in the fire with a Potjie Pot / Dutch oven. This #3 size Potjie Pot and off-road tough bracket combo bolts quickly and easily onto any Front Runner Rack Tray. There's no better place to keep potentially hot grimy dirty and cumbersome camp kitchen supplies than up and out of the way outside the vehicle. The potjie pot is secured in the bracket by the three legs. The supplied ratchet strap threads through the lid of the pot and fixes points on the bracket. The #3 cast iron pot holds 7.8L / 2.1 Gallons. The round shape and cast iron allows the heat to flow evenly around the sides and maintain liquids at the lowest point to keep them from burning. The lid has a deep lip for holding hot coals. The 3CR12 stainless steel carrier is finished with the same durable weather resistant powder coating as the Front Runner Slimline II Rack and like all Front Runner rack accessories the installation is simple. Just slide the bolts into the t-slots of any Front Runner Rack Tray set down the carrier then add nuts and tighten.

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