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Preisvergleich Produktbild Kinglos 4/4 Farbige Massivholz Elektro / Still Cello Ausrüstung in Voller Größe (DSDT1201)

Kinglos 4/4 Farbige Massivholz Elektro / Still Cello Ausrüstung in Voller Größe (DSDT1201)

von Kinglos
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Kinglos - the Brand Leader in Visual-Art Cellos
Kinglos cellos are made of traditional materials of plywood, maple and ebony to ensure its music performance feature. Meanwhile, with the latest painting technology based on positioning and docking the branch of color and wood, they highly guaranteed resonance and tone intact, to endow the cello with stylish and personalized visual effect. All details are hand made by senior luthiers from Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Kinglos Electric Cello:
Kinglos electric-cello provides cellists of all levels with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing others. Whether you're practicing, recording in studio or performing on stage, the Kinglos electric cello outfit offers excellent functionality and style. The outfit features a 1/4" output jack that allows you to connect to most guitar amps or PA systems, volume control, headphone jack for practice and a line-in jack for practice with a background track. Great for Starter, Student, Intermediate and Professional Cellist.

Key Features:
Materials: 2.4 inches deep quality plywood body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard and fittings, aluminum alloy tailpiece, German brand "Shadow" pickup system, stainless steel and ebony endpin
Set-up: based on standard of advanced cellos
Output Jack: 1/4 inch

1 x lightweight oxford soft bag
1 x bow (high quality horsetail, brazilwood stick, ebony frog, suede pad, cupronickel winding)
1 x rosin (natural & intermediate)
1 x 4m aux cable, 1 x earphone, 2 x bridge, 2 x strings

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