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Stonesetting for Fine Jewelry

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My book, "Stonesetting for Fine Jewelry" (German edition "Juwelenfasser Codex") is a specialist/ technical book on the techniques of gemstone setting. For beginners, jewellers, goldsmiths and jewelry designers and for everyone who is enthusiastic about learning stonesetting in pieces of jewelry. In three chapters, over 184 pages, with over 700 photos and diagrams, tools, holding techniques, production/ forming possibilities of the fastenings and the risk of stone damage while setting are simply and clearly explained. The first chapter is concerned with the necessary equipment, such as engraving tools, drills, milling tools and holding tools and also cleaning materials and solvents. In the second chapter I describe all classic holding techniques including, amongst others, bezel setting for round and square stones, thread, Pavé Setting, Prong Setting and more. For every holding technique, I give hints for forming, producing and preparing the fastenings for the piece of jewelry. The third chapter is concerned with precious stones, with the emphasis on avoiding damage to the stones.

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