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Preisvergleich Produktbild Brand New Lenovo ZUK Z1 Car mount, Lenovo ZUK Z1 Designer 360 Degree expandable holder for Phones SAT NAV

Brand New Lenovo ZUK Z1 Car mount, Lenovo ZUK Z1 Designer 360 Degree expandable holder for Phones SAT NAV

von iKAKU
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Unique vent holding mechanism compatible with most cars
The Car mount includes a robust metal arm that hooks on to your vehicle vent, with a plastic spring-loaded holding block securing it in place.
A pair of adjustable padded arms allows you to rest the mount against your dash or centre console, taking pressure off the vents themselves - allowing for a safer and more secure hold. Ideal for holding your smart phone when you decide to utilize it as a sat nav (satellite navigation) devices.

Fits any phone between 55mm and 80mm in width
The arms on the holder expand from 55mm all the way up to 80mm, enough to accommodate the majority of modern phones.
No matter which phone you own, you'll be able to position the holder within easy viewing distance.
Case compatible
The holder is fully case compatible, so there is no need to remove your phone from its case while you are using the holder.

360 degree rotation of your phone
The holder features a large ball joint, allowing you to rotate your phone 360° for portrait or landscape positions and also includes a tilt depth of roughly 30° - meaning you can position the device however you wish.
A simple nut-and-bolt mechanism allows you to secure the holder in place once you've found the perfect viewing angle.

Thumbscrew mechanism keeps your smart phone held in position
To ensure that your phone is secure, the rear of the air vent mount features a locking mechanism which can be tightened to lock your device into place.

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