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Preisvergleich Produktbild Lo Vintage Detail - Old Stuff , Innenräume, Rare Artikel , Design, Dekoration

Lo Vintage Detail - Old Stuff , Innenräume, Rare Artikel , Design, Dekoration

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THREE COVERS TO CHOOSE! 9 chapters, more than 500 photographs. Interiors (among others my home and atelier), details, old stuff, handcraft, design, architecture and vintage style. 272 pages (140g FSC paper), dimension 21 x 30, hard cover, professionally printed. Chapters and our bios are in two languages: Polish, English (professionally translated). Not only for vintage lovers! Selfpublished, all made by two people. IDEA / STYLIZATIONS / PICTURES / TEXT / BOOK COMPOSITION / DISTRIBUTION. Lo Vintage Detail from the beginning to the end was prepared by TWO PEOPLE. From the cover to the last page of the album! Here are all aspects of publication design: photos processing, computer composition of the book, file preparation, supervision of printing, distribution, shipping, contacts. We only asked for help with translation and revision. We alone deal with the promotion and sale of the album. We assist even during printing and we are proud that this is done in Poland, not in China. We act without sponsors, do not place advertising or other materials for commercial purposes. We do not use any additional payments or funds.

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