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6 Tube Medicated Oil Siang Pure Aroma Inhaler

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The new flexibility in carrying comfort. In the same bottle. My new laptop with the lid forms. For ease of use.1. Relieve a stuffy nose and breathing out.2. Relieve dizziness.3. It relieves pain, muscle sprains bruises. Insect bites.Introducing the new (dynamic) two in one flip top inhaler. Use as an inhalant to relieves dizzy spells and fainting symptoms.Siang Pure Oil is combination of herbal ingredient that truly work to relieve many bodily discomforts,aches and pains.Indication : Effective in relieving dizziness, stuffy nose, insect bites, itch, muscular aches and pains, and sprains.Storage : Store in a cool dry place. At below 30c .External useCorporate History and Business ProfileThe Birth of Siang Pure Oli in Thailand Among the Chinese immigrants who sought refuge and established their communities at the Suan Plu area (currently between Trokchan and Sathorn roads) was a young boy called Boonchua Eiampikul, son of Oui Yong Siang and Tang Cheng Chu, who spent countless hours with Master Tang Leng Yong. The latter took notice of this youngster's sincere interest and devotion and eventually took him in as an apprentice and taught young Boonchua all he knew.Natural disasters rampaged the town of Shantou, China in 1936 (coinciding with the reign of RAMA VIII) which eventually led to the collapse of the economy and way of life. Shantou residents were forced to emigrate from their beloved hometown and seek their fortune elsewhere. The few that left China and ventured across the ocean eventually landed in the Kingdom of Thailand. One of the Chinese immigrants that came to Thailand was a respected practitioner in traditional medicine who was known by the name of Tang Leng or Master Tang.

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