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Chicco Kinderautositz Gro-Up, Größe1/2/3, Black Night

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Gro-up 123, the car seat that grows with your child for a long trip! Gro-up grows with the child (approximately 9/12 months to 12 years). The head restraint and seat belts can be adjusted simultaneously and the padded materials provide an optimal comfort and safety for the entire period of use. Grows with the child Gro-up grows with the child of about 9/12 months to 12 years (9-36 kg). Adjustable backrest The 2-speed adjustable backrest is user friendly and ensures for a quiet and comfortable nap. Intuitive adjusting By using the user-friendly orange button, the headrest can be easily adjusted. protection The monolithic structure ensures maximum security while the soft padding ensures optimum comfort for your baby. With removable and washable cover (30 ° C) group 123 Approved according to the ECE R44 / 04 for transporting children 9-36 kg body weight (Gr. 1,2,3). For Gr. 1: Installation with 3-point seat belt. The child is secured with the existing 5-point restraint system. For Gr. 2/3 the child is secured with the 3-point safety belt of the vehicle. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Dimensions: 49 x 76/81 x 52 cm Weight: 6 kg Removable and washable at 30 ° SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Group 1/2/3: 9-36 kg

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