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Graco 1808527 Junior Baby, Autositz,Gruppe 0+, schwarz

von Graco
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97,23 €
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The Graco Junior Baby is a Group 0+ car seat suitable from birth to 13kg. The side impact protection system offers complete safety for your baby. A 3 point harness holds baby in place securely at all times. To remove the worry of fitting the seat correctly, the Junior Baby has a 'correct position indicator' to let parents know that the seat is fitted at the correct angle. For easy transportation to and from the car there is a carry handle with a rubber grip that can be locked into place and adjusted using two buttons. For extra convenience the Junior Baby seat cover is removable and machine washable. The seat also comes with a new born head support to offer extra comfort to newborn baby's and can be removed when they need more space.

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