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Banz Kidz Gehörschutz (Silber)

von Banz
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Effective ear defenders for ages 2yEARS+Protect your child's ears from potentially harmful noise with Ear protectors. Lightweight and easy to carry, Ear protectors are useful for a multitude of situations where noise levels are high or excessive. These funky Earmuffs not only look great, but will also protect children's ears from potentially harmful noise. Weighing only 190 grams they fit in the palm of your hand making them easy to carry with you or store away. The soft cushion cups will also ensure that your child will be comfortable whilst wearing the Earmuffs. Earmuffs are perfect for: . Sporting Events . Forumla 1 or Drag Races . Concerts . Car Racing . Air Shows . Boating . Renovations Also great at home for loud activities like: . Lawn Mowing . Vacuuming . Drilling . Farming . Musicians . Cinemas . Mum & Dad's Karaoke!!

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