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JapanStyle 100% Natural Cotton Puff 5cm x 6cm 130pcs

von JapanStyle
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100% all natural cotton puff always makes you and your skin comfortable with its soft and gentle touch. This package contains 130 pcs and you can just use them for any purpose. The high-quality cotton pads can wipe off makeup materials on your face gently and smoothly after applying facial cleanser. The cotton pad keeps water in it for a long time. Patting your facial skin with this cotton pad is, of course, good! If you want to moisturize specific areas like eye zone, sideline of your nose, forehead, and around your mouth, just soak the cotton pad with moisturizer and put it on the spot you want to moisturize, and leave it for a while. The cotton pad helps the lotion penetrate into your skin cells. If you cannot live without nail art, you cannot live without this cotton pads, either. The size is perfect to handle the old paint on your nail and care your nails after clearing the manicure off. Using the cotton pads as essential oil diffuser pads is also good. Just one package of the cotton pads makes your daily life brighter and more lively. *It will be packed light to lower the total cost.

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