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Kids Preferred Soft Book, Minnie Mouse (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

von Kids Preferred
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Kids Preferred
PLEASANT AND PINK: Your baby will love this adorably pink Minnie Mouse Soft Book. They can explore the soft pages, soothe teething aches on the teether, activate a fun squeak, and feel the crinkled texture to engage all of their tactile senses.;ENCOURAGES ROLEPLAY: To engage children's mental faculties, including imagination, creativity, and roleplay, this cute plush allows children to imagine Minnie's story and employ narrative thinking skills.;SAFE, ASTHMA FRIENDLY: This product is 100% BPA, phthalate, and lead free, and is safe for children who suffer from asthma.;EASY CLEAN AND PORTABLE: To clean, simply wash with dish soap and a dry rag. Plus, it easily fastens onto baby's stroller for on-the-go fun.;SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes (1) Disney Minnie Mouse Soft Book.

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