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Baby Studio swaddlepouch Cocoon Pod (3 Monate, Creme)

von Baby Studio
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Baby Studio
If your newborn likes to feel cosy, warm and secure, and is still lying with their legs up and arms snuggled under their chins, then the Baby Studio Small Swaddle Pouch is the perfect sleep-time accessory. It' is made from 95% cotton with 5% Elastane and offers a comfortable sleep for your little one. It also prevents face scratching and eliminates the risk of potentially dangerous loose blankets covering their face.* Key Features The Baby Studio Small Swaddle Pouch is a comfortable, flexible and more convenient version of the traditional swaddle, thanks to an easy-to-use two-directional zipper that provides easy access, and its 95% cotton/5% elastane blend. This Baby Studio pouch allows your baby some freedom of movement, but keeps them snug and secure enough that there is a reduced risk of them startling themselves when they move. Once your baby starts to wriggle their arms and disturb themselves (but has not yet begun to roll) during nap times, Baby Studio recommends transitioning to the Baby Studio Swaddle Wrap. Please note: as soon as baby begins moving and rolling, swaddling must be stopped immediately.

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