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Preisvergleich Produktbild NUK 10175136 Disney Mickey Trendline Silikon-Schnuller (0-6 Monate, kiefergerecht, BPA frei, 2 Stück) weiß/rot

NUK 10175136 Disney Mickey Trendline Silikon-Schnuller (0-6 Monate, kiefergerecht, BPA frei, 2 Stück) weiß/rot

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Orthodontic NUK shape Anatomically shaped mouth shield made of high quality plastic Teat part of silicone 2 pieces per package The interplay of flexible tongue, powerful jaw muscles and a properly shaped upper arch is an important prerequisite for healthy, trouble-free breathing, trouble eating and later language development. The NUK Trendline Disney Mickey Mouse soother has the orthodontic NUK shape, an anatomically shaped mouth shield of high-quality plastic and is available in different motif combinations. All NUK soothers have the NUK Air System. By a valve, the air can escape from the teat part. It remains soft and sufficiently flat to prevent so jaw deformations. Silicone is a largely rubber-elastic material of particular softness, extremely temperature resistant and tasteless. It is free of harmful substances, can be washed, odorless, transparent and has a smooth surface - all the advantages that are important for a pacifier. Another special highlight of this pacifier make the cute Mickey Mouse motifs. The most popular mouse in the world delighted children for generations and is now finally be seen on NUK products. The NUK Trendline Disney Mickey Mouse Pacifier - an important "sports equipment" for small champions. The mouth makes a crucial role  for a healthy overall development: breathing, eating, sensory perception - everything requires perfect interaction of jaw, palate, tongue and lips. Breastfeeding is trained from birth. At the breast the baby is learning to coordinate the movements, strengthen the muscles and prepare the mouth for his later tasks: chewing, swallowing and finally speaking. Whether natural product or special plastic, all NUK teats are soft and adapt to the child's palate. If you are not sure which material is better for your child, you can also opt your child. Many accept only one or the other. Of course you can also "change" the sucker material.

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