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Pampers Easy Up Pants Size 5 (12-18kg) Junior x 20 per pack

von Pampers
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Convenience of a pant, dryness of a nappy 1 pack = 1 life-saving vaccine The perfect transition from nappies to pants Extra Dry-Layer for Pampers dryness Easy Ups conveniently pull on and off like pants New Nickelodeon Dora & Diego nappy design Pampers Easy Up nappies are offered in sizes 4, 5, 6 Nappy Size - 5 Pampers Easy Ups provide the convenience of a pant and the absorbency of a nappy. Easy Up pants come with stretchy sides and an Extra Dry-Layer to give your toddler the independence he most wants and leakage protection for up to 12 hours. 1 PACK = 1 LIFE-SAVING VACCINE*. Every parent dreams of giving their newborn a healthy start in life and now you can help make that dream a reality. For every specially marked Pampers pack purchased, Pampers will donate the cost of one life-saving vaccine to help protect a mum and her newborn from tetanus. *For each Pampers pack with the UNICEF logo purchased, Procter & Gamble supports UNICEF in the fight against newborn tetanus with 4.4p/€0.054. This amount equals, for example, the cost of one tetanus vaccine or supports its delivery. UNICEF does not endorse any brand or product. For more information visit www.pampers.co.uk or www.unicef.org. Nappy Size (weight) - 11kg-25kg

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