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Preisvergleich Produktbild Atten 858D+ 220V SMD Rework Station Heissluft Lötstation, LED-Anzeige, 700W, 100°C~450°C

Atten 858D+ 220V SMD Rework Station Heissluft Lötstation, LED-Anzeige, 700W, 100°C~450°C

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Main Features:
• Closed-loop sensors; Zero-crossing triggering temperature control of microcomputer; LED display; high power; rapid rise of temperature; temperature high and stable; not affected by the amount of air to achieve the goal of unsoldering without lead
• The amount of air flow can be modulated; large and soft air flow; it is convenient to modulatetemperature; it is suitable for many purposes
• There is a conductive switch on the handle; only if you hold the handle, the system can enter the working mode rapidly; while the handle is put on the shelf, it • will enter the waiting state; easy to operate
• There is no automatic cooling function, which can extend the lifebof the heating element and protect the hot air rework station
• Plastic shell; cabinet; good-looking; it occupies little space
• It adopts the brushness fan, which has a long life band little noise
• Blowing plastic components won't be deformed. Such as buzzer and external interface of mobile phone
• Blowing shielding box will not make it discolor
• Blowing PCB will not make it blister
• Safely remove BAG-IC, keep pins intact. Much more safe and reliable

• voltage: AC220V/50Hz
• Gas flow: 120L/min(MAX)
• Temperature range: 100-450
• Length of handle(including the wire):1.2CM
• Size:151(L)*100(W)*153(H)mm
• noise:

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