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Preisvergleich Produktbild SainSmart Mini 20W Heißklebepistole für DIY kleine Handwerkprojekte und schnelle Reparaturen

SainSmart Mini 20W Heißklebepistole für DIY kleine Handwerkprojekte und schnelle Reparaturen

von SainSmart
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The glue gun will heat up very fast and can adjust to constant temperature, which can prevent damage by overheat, save energy and prolong the operation life as well.
The product has high dielectric strength that won't break under 3750V/minute. It can work normally in 100V to 240V DC and AC power.
The glue gun will not be effected by voltage fluctuation; with the safety fuse inside, it is very safe to use this glue gun.

Material: Plastic & Aluminum
Working power: 20W
Working voltage: 100 to 240V
Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes

How to use:
Choose the glue stick diameter from 6.8mm to 7.5mm
Insert the glue stick from the back of the glue gun
preheat the gun for 3-5 minutes, then plug the glue stick into the nozzle, and pull the triger to start to work
If the glue stick is not used up, no need to take it out, just leave it in the gun and next time preheat the gun for 5-8 minutes, then it can work normally.

It should be used with proper size glue sticks. If the glue stick is wrong sized or wrong type, it may cause damage.
Never touch the nozzle while it is working because of the high temperature.
DO NOT use this gun under flammable and explosive condition.
The gun cannot be held upward. If the gun is not used for more than 15 min, please unplug it in case the melted glue flow back and cause damage.
The glue gun may smoke when you use it for the first time as the durable material inside. The somke will disappear in 30 min.
Keep the product in well-ventilated and frey place, out of reach of kids, keep away from water.

Package List:
1 xSainSmart Hot Glue Gun

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