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Preisvergleich Produktbild Grecian 2000 Lotion mit Conditioner - Packung mit 2

Grecian 2000 Lotion mit Conditioner - Packung mit 2

von Grecian Formula
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Grecian Formula
NEW FORMULA!. Gradually restores natural looking colour to grey hair. Removes as much grey as you want. Works for any colour hair. YOU CONTROL HOW MUCH GREY YOU LOSE, GRADUALLY. GRECIAN LETS YOU DECIDE. Day by day, GRECIAN, gradually restores your natural-looking colour. You can stop anytime and leave a little grey or keep going until all the grey is gone. SIMPLY COMB IT IN. There's no mixing, no mess. Apply daily for 3-4 weeks and you'll get the exact colour that's perfect for you. Then use two to three times a week to keep it that way. HOW GRECIAN WORKS. GRECIAN has the unique ability to replace lost melanin with a similar-acting pigment. Different hair colours are the result of different amounts of melanin, nature's colouring protein. Grecian works for any colour hair. HAIR LOOKS THICKER, HEALTHIER. GRECIAN has special conditioning action. Even makes hair easier to comb and style.

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