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Dear Barber Beard Grooming Mens Gift Set Collection

von Dear Barber
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Dear Barber
The ultimate collection of essential men's grooming products from Dear Barber. This fantastic gift set includes Beard Oil 30ml, Moustache Wax 25ml & Luxury Apricot Beard Comb

Apply the Beard Oil to leave your beard feeling soft and smooth with a healthy sheen. Our legendary formula reaches and nourishes the skin and hair. Benefits from nourishing argan, almond and coconut oils to condition dry, brittle hair and reduce protein loss for long term beard health. Ideal for all facial hair, from stubble, to a 'tache, and to a full-on beard

The Moustache Wax is a strong yet supple wax that delivers superb styling and keeps your 'tache in shape all day. Specially formulated to remain soft and workable through the fingers but quickly set on the moustache, for mess-free use wherever you are. Contains oat, jojoba and argan oils combine to condition hair and give a healthy shine from root to tip. Ideal for the moustache'd man in all of us!

Keep that beard and moustache in check with the Beard Comb Ideal to use on the go to keep that beard in tip top shape, maintaining that styled subtle look and for use when trimming facial hair.

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