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Preisvergleich Produktbild Clynol Repair Remedy Leave-In Keratin Aufbaukur 250ml

Clynol Repair Remedy Leave-In Keratin Aufbaukur 250ml

von Clynol Care
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Clynol Care
Clynol Repair Remedy is a leave-in instant keratin filler that repairs each strand of your hair for instant reformed, super shiny, bouncing beautiful hair. This is a real little miracle worker - a wonder serum that's the instant answer to your damaged hair prayers. One quick and easy application is all it takes to dramatically turn wounded, unhappy hair into dramatically soft, smooth and silky tresses. The targeted action of the leave-in formula strengthens each strand to reduce breakage by up to 95%. And because the innovative 3D action is so attuned to hair's natural structure, the end result is always super light and healthy-looking. Directions - Shake it well - Apply daily to towel-dried hair - Leave in for best results

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