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Bepanthen Suncream 75ml

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50+ SPF sun cream for extra sensitive skin.Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream 50+ very high protection 75ml.Babies and small children can suffer when the weather gets too warm. The risks of sunburn are well documented, but sun care doesn't stop at slathering them with Factor 50.Babies' sensitive skin needs extra special care in the sun, even more so than an adult's skin. Studies have shown that getting sunburnt in childhood can increase your risk of skin cancer in later life1, so it's extremely important that you protect your little ones and keep their skin well protected from the sun's harmful effects.Ideally, babies under six months of age should be kept out of direct sunlight. This is because their skin hasn't built up enough natural melanin to protect them from UV light yet.2 As baby gets older, she can go out in the sunshine, but she will still need sun protection - make sure that you use a specially formulated sunscreen like Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream which offers a very high protection for babies' sensitive skin. Sun protection for children should also be formulated to contain less alcohol or fragrance than adult sunscreens, to avoid irritating their skin.3Apply sunscreen liberally to any parts of baby's body not covered up by clothes, remembering his face, ears, feet and the backs of his hands.4When you're looking for the right sunscreen to protect your baby, opt for one that gives UVA as well as UVB protection. If the worst happens and baby does get burnt, apply after-sun cream to help relieve the pain.See all

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