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Paper High Funky Hand Knitted Winter Joppe Annapurna Socken, Rot, Weiß & Blau

von Paper High
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Paper High
These socks are made using 100% wool. This makes them comfortable & cosy for toasty toes. Due to the hand knitted nature of these socks, the exact design and colours may vary a little from the socks shown in the image. We think this makes them all wonderfully unique. As they are completely hand knitted, there may be some variation in the sizes. The socks may not be exactly the same size as you would expect from factory/machine produced socks. The size categories we use are therefore to be used as a rough guide only: Medium - UK 7-9. We source every product we sell directly from the families that make them, so you can be assured that they come from ethical organisations and are of excellent quality.We also sell lots of other socks in many different styles; please have a look at our other Amazon listings to see the full range. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: As these socks are made from wool, we'd advise treating them like your favourite woolly jumper - wash in a cold woollen wash or better still, hand wash in cool water.

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