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Skins Herren Essentials Comp Socks Recovery, Black, M, ES00019349001

von Skins
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Recover faster to get back in action sooner with the SKINS Essential Recovery Compression Socks.Forming part of the SKINS collection, created from a mix of poly named materials, the socks feature anatomically applied engineered gradient compression to accelerate the blood flow. After exercise, this blood flow can help eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and significantly improve your recovery time.To the eye this looks like any other pair of socks but look and feel more closely to experience SKINS performance powers. Featuring Cupron Technology in the toe and heel, this acts as an antifungal and helps promote wound heeling while the low profile toe seams also help eliminate friction. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit over the left and right foot, the high quality fabrication allows for advanced durability to keep on performing as you train and compete. They even help reduce the risk of DVT during long haul travel so not just limited to serious athletes and make for a versatile option that anyone can benefit from wearing. Plain black in design, this makes for stylish wear that are barely distinguishable from regular socks meaning they can be sported anywhere and any time to aid your recovery process.

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