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Preisvergleich Produktbild Helly Hansen Parka LUDVIKA 71377 Helly Tech® Warnschutzparka wasserdicht 169 XL

Helly Hansen Parka LUDVIKA 71377 Helly Tech® Warnschutzparka wasserdicht 169 XL

von Helly Hansen Workwear
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120,24 €
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Helly Hansen Workwear
The Helly Hansen Ludvika Parka Jacket boasts a long-line' style, and will be a faithful accomplice when it comes to keeping the cold at bay while you work. Whether your profession takes you to a coal-mine or tunnel, on a construction site or in a factory, staying luridly visible and fully waterproof can certainly make your job safer. That's why this 100% waterproof blouson-style jacket is fully-breathable, and daubed liberally with reflective tape, imparting ample visibility in even the dimmest of light. You'll be happy to discover it's oil-repellent too, impervious to the viscous drips of chemicals that are part of many working environments. The material of the Helly Hansen Ludvika High-Vis Parka Jacket is 100% PU-coated polyester, contrasting with 100% PU-coated nylon, while the padded lining consists of 120g of polyester. What'll likely interest you further, however, is the roomy chest pocket with zip closure, two hand pockets, a separate pocket just for your mobile, and even the extended back to negate bothersome updraughts. Incorporating fully-taped seams and offering a detachable Velcro-top hood, if you're on the market for a high-visibility jacket, close the tabs and go with this one. It's the only one you'll ever need. Conforms to EN 342,3, EN 343,3 and EN 471,2.

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