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Altadrine Fat and Carb Blocker 20 sachets x 4g

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Altadrine fat and carb blocker is a fibre drink with an orange flavour that blocks fats and blocks carbohydrates. The benefits of Altadrine Fat & Carb blocker is that it helps weight control by inhibiting carbohydrate break down and by fat adsorption.The carbohydrate blocker ingredient is a standardized extract from the seeds of Phaseolus vulgaris (common bean, white kidney bean) and the fat blocker ingredient is a fibre based formula.The orange liquid becomes an orange fibre gel after mixing and the more time passes the thicker the gel becomes so it is best to drink as a liquid. The Altadrine drink becomes a fibre gel in the gastro intestinal tract. Flora have been added to the Altadrine Fat and Carb blocker to slim down further.ACTIVE FORMULA Psyllium Fat blocker Chromium picolinate Attenuates weight gain and increases insulin sensitivity White kidney bean Carbohydrate blockerINDICATIONSPatients undergoing a weight loss program, patients that do not do exercise, sportsmen who want to increase their performance, bodybuilders who want to increase the cut of their muscles, diabetic patients.DIRECTIONS FOR USE1 sachet to be mixed with aglass of water. The drink has to be drunk immediately after mixing. It is recommended to take one sachet during high carb and high fatty meals.Follow directions for daily use. Maintain a well balanced and varied diet. This product is not a medicine. Keep out of reach of young children. EAN8032758294464

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