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Bolero Mix & Go Ice Tea Lemon - 30 instant drinks sticks

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BOLERO MIX & GO ICE TEA LEMON One of the newest addition to the Bolero product range. 'Mix & Go' drink sticks have been created to compliment the bottled water market. Each box of Mix & Go contains 10 sticks. Each stick contains enough Bolero to turn 500ml of water into a great tasting fruit flavoured vitamin drink. Great for those on the move & perfect for lunchboxes. Bolero drinks are available in over 25 delicious flavours. There are over 20 million sachets sold worldwide per month. Bolero smells and tastes like fruit juice with the benefit of being sugar and gluten free. This product contains NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURINGS, has ADDED VITAMIN C, almost NO CARBOHYDRATES and is less than 5 calories per serving. You can also mix Bolero with milk and it makes great tasting sugar free ice lollies.

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