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Vitajuwel Emoto Crystal Passion Stab

von Vitajuwel
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Engage your palate in a special kind of experience by drinking gem-infused water with the Passion Vial from Vita Juwel! Turn ordinary tap water into something exquisite by placing this gemstone vial with vibrant orange cornelian pieces and halite salt into your drinking water for 7 to 10 minutes.

Made in the Austrian Alps by master glassblowers utilizing a patented, artisanal method, this diamonds vial is made with fairly traded gems and lead-free Bohemian glass. Crafted with premium Cornelian and Halite Salt, this vial structures ordinary tap water to let it soak the up the energy of Mother Nature. Experience superior nourishment and hydration from water that's as fresh and pure as mountain spring water! The VitaJuwel Passion Vial represents the joy of living. Absorb the joy radiated by the gemstones with every delightful sip of gem-infused water.

This passion vial is the perfect present for your special someone. Let your loved ones feel more special by giving them a unique item that not only looks great but also gives superior benefits! This high-quality vial is as precious as a diamond ring or a prized jewelry.

Purchase this item, and enjoy a revitalizing cup of gem-infused water at the comfort of your own home with the VitaJuwel Passion Vial with Cornelian and Halite Salt!

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