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Preisvergleich Produktbild Diagnose für Seagate dfs Datenwiederherstellung USB-Tool-Kit. Erholen über 80% der Fälle von Seagate

Diagnose für Seagate dfs Datenwiederherstellung USB-Tool-Kit. Erholen über 80% der Fälle von Seagate

von CS Labs
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CS Labs
Diagnostics for Seagate (DfS) is a powerful diagnosis tool for failing or failed SATA Seagate Hard Disk Drives, aiming to data recovery. Apart from diagnostic functions, it provides firmware functions that can be used by experienced technicians to solve many common problems found in Seagate drives, that prohibit access to the data. The condition of the heads, the distribution of bad sectors or sectors pending reallocation and read speed per head are presented in a graphical form, speeding up diagnosis. Furthermore, functions such as correcting capacity problems, translator problems, testing sector accessibility or disabling background functions prior to drive imaging, or viewing boot-up drive terminal messages can provide a solution in many failed Seagate drives cases, without the need for expensive firmware data recovery equipment*. The tool can complement a data recovery lab equipment as an easy to use diagnosis alternative with graphic result presentation. It can also be a valuable tool for an IT shop taking up occasional data recovery jobs, in diagnosing drives and helping to make the decision for the next step (ex image or outsource etc). It can also be useful for the interested technically oriented user in order to diagnose a failing drive or verify a data recovery lab diagnosis. The package includes USB adapter, Torx screwdriver, HDA Mask, and CD with Software, Drivers and Instructions. *Warning! This tool provides powerful functions that intervene with the drives functions and settings. These functions are intended for use only by experienced data recovery technicians. Improper use of those functions can easily lead to permanent damage to the drive and data loss. Use these functions in a drive with important data only if you are an experienced technician. For inexperienced users this functions are only to be used in test drives with no important data for testing and experimentation.

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