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Preisvergleich Produktbild Tune Belt Neopren iPod Open View Sporthülle – AB5

Tune Belt Neopren iPod Open View Sporthülle – AB5

von Tune Belt
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Tune Belt
Tune Belt's new style armband carrier for Apple's 1st - 4th generation iPods fits your iPod right side up or upside down so that the LCD screen reads right side up when on the arm! Other design features include a clear protective mylar window that can be played right through to operate the touch / click wheel and buttons; openings in the bottom to access the hold button and to insert the headphone jack; a flap to securely hold down excess earbud cord so it doesn't get tangled up during activity; and a mini pocket for the earbuds when not in use. The armband strap is easily adjustable with one hand up to 20". Pocket dimensions: H - 4.1", W - 2.4", D - .7".

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