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Preisvergleich Produktbild Bovake Universal Bluetooth Headset Handsfree Earphone For iPhone Samsung (White)

Bovake Universal Bluetooth Headset Handsfree Earphone For iPhone Samsung (White)

von Bovake
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Voice Commands.
Indicator light shows red, when fully charged the red light turn off
To power on: oress and hold answer / end key for about 3 seconds until flashes blue
To power off: press and hold for about 6 seconds, goes off
The H-02 is a perfect headset to help you keep your hands free any you are working in the office or driving in your car
Compatibility for most bluetooth smart phones, tablets, MP3
How to use:
Turn on headset, in standby mode
Set the phone to search for Bluetooth device
When phone find headst, confirm by selecting the headseet from list
Enter passcode 0000 when prompted by phone
Repeat steps if the pairing was unsuccessful, only need to pair once
If pairing was successful, starts to flash blue, indicating in standby mode and ready to make / receive calls
Color: Black, White.

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