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Femmax Vaginal Dilator (Pink)

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The unique FEMMAX design makes these dilators easy to use and convenient to store and carry. The dilators are inserted into the vagina to help to keep it healthy and supple and to reduce the risk of scarring following radiotherapy or surgery. This may help to reduce discomfort during follow up examinations, further treatments and sexual intercourse. The dilator set consists of 4 dilators, which are graduated in size and length to allow a natural progression during treatment. Supplied in a discreet and easily manageable case, which includes space for a lubricant bottle / sachets. The FEMMAX is an NHS innovation. IMPORTANT: It is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor or nurse specialist before using vaginal dilators. The dilator sizes are: No.1 Dilator - 35mm diameter No.2 Dilator - 27mm diameter No.3 Dilator - 20mm diameter No.4 Dilator - 15mm diameter

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