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FH Resistance Exercise Band Heavy *Strength Exercises* Men Home Gym Workout Tubes

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FH Resistance Band details Double dipped100% natural latex2 fixed Comfort foam handles48 inch LengthAprrox ; 36lb resistance 15kg Resistance Complete with Door anchorResistance bands for Muscle rehabilitationThese resistance bands are the perfect fitness exercise tools, workouts that combine high energy cardio with powerful strength training. Resistance band are awesome for upper and lower body workouts. You can easily create hundreds of different exercises , when including a door anchor thousands of exercises Resistance Bands offer a wide range of flexibility and strengthening exercises they will help you produce great results from your workout sessions. Using the bands can help activate more muscles fibres which increase your Range of movementResistance Bands are small compact and fully portableResistance band training is one of the best forms of training on the fitness market today, imagine having access to the worlds biggest most adaptable portable gym.

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