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Preisvergleich Produktbild GPO 746 1970 Retro-Wand Rotary Dial Style Push Button Telefon - Elfenbein/ Ivory

GPO 746 1970 Retro-Wand Rotary Dial Style Push Button Telefon - Elfenbein/ Ivory

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Our brand new Retro telephone in ivory is wall mounted retro telephone and 60's style icon. Why not have a bit of eccentricity in your life This retro classic red phone would make the perfect compliment to even the most minimalist of homes. Launched in 1967 by the general post office in response to public demand, it would inspire two decades of conversation and is to this day the universal symbol of the phone. In celebration of this Great British icon, our replica 746 wall phone maintains the bold curves of the original design in Ivory. For modern convenience, the dial has been replaced by buttons without detracting from the outer bezel design.This gorgeous retro telephone makes a great new home gift.Features and Benefits: Wall mountable. Push button dialling. Compatible with modern telephone banking. Traditional bell ring with on / off switch. Extra long handset curly cord. Authentic Style. Simple to Plug in to a Standard Socket. Other 746 telephones available.

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