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Preisvergleich Produktbild SanDisk microSDHC 32GB Class 4 Speicherkarte (Amazon Frustfreie Verpackung)

SanDisk microSDHC 32GB Class 4 Speicherkarte (Amazon Frustfreie Verpackung)

von SanDisk
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10,99 €
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Capture Lifes Moments as they Unfold!It is often the case that the memory card you use does not have the necessary speed and capacity to hold all the photographs you have taken. Hama has a solution with the fantastic Sandisk Micro SDHC 32GB FFP.Storage!This SanDisk Micro SDHC memory card with a generous capacity of 32GB provides an easy to use, high performance storage solution for all your data files so you dont need to worry about running out of internal memory.Speed!Class 6 performance rating ensures that the data stored on your SanDisk Micro SDHC card can be recorded, played back and transferred quickly and easily, granting you full access to all your images, videos and other files with little delay!Compatibility!Compatible with any device with a micro SDHC slot and TransFlash shot, your SanDisk Micro SDHC card can be used with an array of different modern devices including MP3 players and tablet PCs as a shared file storage and transfer medium.Reliability!Backed by a lifetime limited guarantee, you can have confidence in the quality of your SanDisk Micro SDHC and its ability to withstand some of lifes toughest conditions to continue to provide you with a long-lasting, reliable memory storage solution throughout its own lifetime and that of your micro SDHC compatible device.Environmentally friendly!This memory card comes in frustration free packaging which is recyclable and comes without excess packaging materials such as hard plastic and wire ties. It is also capable of protecting the memory card in the same way as traditional packaging would.Providing a generous capacity of 32GB, you will have enough space to capture lots of high-quality video and images. Share the fun, the laughter and the tears in stunning video or those special photos, all stored securely on a Sandisk Micro SDHC 32GB Card brought to you by Hama!

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