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Preisvergleich Produktbild Spectrum Noir - Stifte-Set, 6 Stück, Rot

Spectrum Noir - Stifte-Set, 6 Stück, Rot

von Spectrum Noir
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Spectrum Noir
Spectrum Noir pens are alcohol ink based markers which have been designed specifically for crafters, but these affordable markers are also great for beginners, students and hobby artists alike. Each pen is double-ended, with a broad chisel nib for large area fills and a fine bullet tip for detailed work.
This Reds pack contains six colour-themed Spectrum Noir Marker Pens in blendable red shades, so from a single set of pens you will always have colours which are perfectly co-ordinated and work together. Spectrum Noir marker pens are available in 168 colour shades including a colourless blender. The colours blend seamlessly, and can be mixed or layered over each other. For stunning results use with Neenah Classic Crest Card, this is perfect for use with alcohol based pens.
These fast drying, alcohol based markers are acid-free and non-toxic, and the coloured ends of the pen allow for easy colour identification. The image colour has been reproduced as accurately as possible.
This new launch of Spectrum Noir Makers now have an ergonomic hexagonal barrel which has been designed for greater comfort when colouring. Each of these markers now have a unique non-slip rubberised grip.

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