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Time to Remember 1948 + Card [UK Import]

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1948 The Classic Years 20 Track CD Greetings Card

Celebrate your year in a musical fashion. A classic year - 20 great

This unique, deluxe greeting card features fabulous iconic imagery along
with news headlines and facts from 1948.

The two-fold card, together with the included 20-track compact disc
featuring many of 1948's top artists and biggest hits, evokes a real
sense of the year.

20 Hits Of 1948 -
The Classic Years

1. Sarah Vaughan -
Summertime. .

2. Frank Sinatra -
Nature Boy.

3. Louis Armstrong - A
Song Was Born.

4. Duke Ellington -
Sultry Serenade.

5. Dinah Shore -
Buttons & Bows.

6. Dizzy Gillespie -
Lover, Come Back To Me.

7. Bob Wills & His
Texas Playboys - Deep Water.

8. Art Tatum - Out Of

9. Doris Day & Buddy
Clark - I'll String Along With You.

10. Cab Calloway -
Everybody Eats When They Come To My House.

11. Count Basie - Your
Red Wagon.

12. The Oscar Peterson
Trio - My Heart Stood Still.

13. The 5 Trumpets -
Preach My Word.

14. Jack Teagarden's

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