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Preisvergleich Produktbild footinsole Arch Support Einlegesohlen Pu Gel Fuß Wildleder Einlegesohlen für gefallene Bögen - 1 Paar

footinsole Arch Support Einlegesohlen Pu Gel Fuß Wildleder Einlegesohlen für gefallene Bögen - 1 Paar

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Are your fallen arches (flat feet) putting strain and pressure on your ankles and knees and making it difficult to stand, walk or run

Is your flat feet affecting your athletic or everyday performance by preventing you from focussing on your activities or tasks

Well, not anymore! We have an incredible solution to help you with all your problems and you will love it for its many amazing features and benefits:

- Supports your collapsed foot arch effectively and helps it regain its structure
- Helps distribute pressure more evenly
- Soft PU gel ensures comforting day-long massage
- Improves blood circulation through massaging action and helps recover faster
- Flesh-coloured main insole portion with supporting arch cushion - not easily visible
- Extra slim design to not alter the space within your shoes significantly
- Ultra soft PU gel material for comfortable feel
- Helps relieve pain and prevent any unwanted strain
- Makes it comfortable to stand walk or run
- Self adhesive design that's easy to stick inside any shoes
- Easy to remove without damaging the shoes
- Discourages growth of odor causing bacteria
- Safe to wash - preferable to wash it every few months for high hygiene


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice

ORDER NOW and get our foot massage arch support flat foot insole.

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