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Preisvergleich Produktbild Unisex Adults Kids Girls Boys LED Light Shoes With Wheels Roller Skate Sneakers

Unisex Adults Kids Girls Boys LED Light Shoes With Wheels Roller Skate Sneakers

von Shining Way
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Shining Way
High quality, the first-class shoes sole, The first-class roller( Crystal roller)
The latest lycra mesh fabric material, the first-class cushion rubber

Pink, blue, black colors for you to choose from, suit for both girls and boys.
All size available for both kids and adults.

The most popular sneakers shoes, it is the sun in sky, suitable for various occasions: holiday travel, outdoors, Go out to a guest, Campus Study.And,send baby, send friends

Attention: the battery could not be changed or recharged.
please don't use them as running shoes nor soak the shoes since they have the led light bars in the shoes sole.

To make sure you will get the best fit size, Please carefully compare the size chart with the feet length before odering.

EU Size: 27;Insole length : 18.5cm (7 1/4 inch)
EU Size: 28;Insole length : 19cm (7 1/2 inch)
EU Size:29 ;Insole length : 19.5cm (7 3/4 inch)
EU Size: 30;Insole length :20cm (7 7/8 inch)
EU Size:31 ;Insole length : 20.5cm (8 inch)
EU Size:32 ;Insole length : 21cm (8 3/8 inch)
EU Size:33; Insole length :21.5cm (8 1/2 inch)
EU Size:34; Insole length :22cm (8 5/8 inch)
EU Size:35 ;Insole length :22.5cm (8 7/8 inch)
EU Size: 36 Insole length : 230cm (9 inch)
EU Size:37;Insole length :23.5cm (9 1/8 inch)
EU Size: 38;Insole length :24cm (9 1/2 inch)
EU Size:39 ;Insole length :24.5cm (9 5/8 inch)
EU Size:40 ;Insole length : 25cm (9 7/8 inch)
EU Size:41;Insole length :255cm (10 inch)
EU Size:42;Insole length :260cm (10 1/8 inch)

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