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LEGO 2-in-1 Technic Fire Plane 42040 by Generic

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Take to the Skies Aerial for Firefighting Adventures With The Awesome LEGO 2-in-1 Technic Fire Plane. THIS impressive Model is packed with authentic Details and Features, INCLUDING A detailed two-cylinder Engine, joystick-controlled elevators and ailerons and Large pontoons; Watch The 3-Blade Propeller Engine Pistons and Spring to Life As You Maneuver The Mighty Aircraft into Takeoff Position, then Power over the ocean 's surface and soar into the air; When You Reach The Blaze, activate The Cool Water Drop Function to release the water Cubes and extinguish the flames it' s just like the real thing. Comes With A Striking Red and White Color Scheme and a selection of Cool Stickers; When You 're Done Fighting WILDFIRES, Rebuild The Fire Plane into a high-speed jet plane Age Range: 9 Years and up Authentic Details and Features 578 pieces

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