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LEGO City Arctic Base Camp 60036 Building Toy

von Lego
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Head Out Into The Biscuits and Set Up The hochmoderne LEGO City Arctic Base Camp To Explore The Secrets of the Ice. Set out on Major Expeditions with the snow scooter and husky Sled Team. Investigate The Secrets of the Ice with the Powerful TRACKED Exploration Vehicle. Call for Helicopter Back-up and Deploy The Winch and net to carry Large Blocks of ice Back to Base. Transfer The Mysterious Crystals into the laboratory on the conveyor belt and open the Walls and roof of the lab for easy Play. Help the Scientist and Research Assistant Analyse your Findings 2 Computers, with the microscope and Other Equipment. Then Relax in a cosy Corner of the garage and watch TV before lowering the door, Driving out on the snow scooter and Beginning Another Research Mission. But beware - This is a Dangerous Place With Extreme Weather conditions and a polar bear Wandtattoo near the Camp. Enthält 7 Minifiguren mit assorted Zubehör: 4 Arctic Explorers, Pilot, Scientist and a research Assistant. Arctic Base Camp Features a laboratory with Opening Walls and roof, microscope, magnifying glass, 2 Computers, Circular Saw, Binoculars, Walkie-Talkie, Pickaxe, Coffee Mug, plus a garage with Opening Roof, Scooter and cosy Corner with chairs, Table and a TV. Base Camp, also Features a radar antenna and solar panels on the roof.

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