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Engineer Inc PAD-11 Open Barrel Handy Crimping Tool

von Hobby King
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Hobby King
If you're looking for a high-quality precision open barrel crimping tool with an interchangeable die system at an affordable price, look no further than the Engineer Inc PAD-11 wire crimping tool.
This crimping tool is made of the same high-quality materials as Engineer Inc¡¯s very popular PA-09, PA-20 and PA-21 models, but with their new patent-pending interchangeable die system. This system expands the capability of a single crimping tool to cover a die width range from .7mm through 3.7mm while maintaining precise alignment. The included dies cover connectors ranging from .7mm - 2.2mm. The larger size dies are sold separately.
Made in Japan, the tool features a well-designed locking mechanism that¡¯s comfortable to operate and can be operated by either a right or left handed operator. A wire cutter is also incorporated with a wire stripping hole. The ergonomic grips are semi-soft and provide a good, comfortable feel that allows you to work without stressing your hands!
High-precision crimping tool with easy die replacement
Integral wire stripper & cutter
2.5mm (across flats) hex key wrench included
Ergonomically designed handle with strap hole
Manufactured from high tensile steel
High grip elastomer handle

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