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Preisvergleich Produktbild 1/16th M4A3 Sherman Remote Controlled Tank With Smoke and Sound - WITH FREE EXTRA BATTERY WORTH 17.99!!

1/16th M4A3 Sherman Remote Controlled Tank With Smoke and Sound - WITH FREE EXTRA BATTERY WORTH 17.99!!

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1/16th M4A3 Sherman Remote Controlled Tank With Smoke & Sound - WITH FREE EXTRA BATTERY WORTH 17.99!
Mid Range Model
QUICK OVERVIEWThe Sherman is the newest tank from Heng Long. This is a high spec version with working smoke generator, sound effects and BB firing turret. This famous World War 2 Allied USA tank is a great addition to the Heng Long collection.
This is the brand new upgraded 2.4Ghz version. 2.4Ghz is more stable and gives better range as well as allowing the use of multiple models in the same area without interference.
DETAILSThe ultimate radio controlled tank for every 'wannabe' tank commander! This tank is feature packed and the transmitter gives you full control. One stick allows you to move the tank in all directions including rotating on its axis and pivot turning. The other stick controls the turret allowing you to take aim by rotating it in both directions and also up and down. Once you have your target lined up, hit the fire button on the transmitter and the tank will fire a small 6mm plastic BB, recoiling and making a shooting sound as it does it.The tracks are independently powered with a large 540 each allowing the tank to tackle the toughest off road terrain. Unlike some cheap toy tanks, the tracks on these are made from multiple proper treads linked together and feature several shock absorbers on each side to give realistic working suspension. To top it off the tank has a highly detailed shell with authentic colour finish, realistic attachments and commander figure.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONSKUT3898-1ManufacturerHeng LongRadio Equipment2.4 GHzSpecificationsScale: 1:16
Battery pack: 7.2v 1700mAh Ni-MH
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Remote control distance: 30-50 metres
Charging time: 3-4 Hours
Playtime per charge: 30 Minute
BB Firing: Yes
Radio: Included
Smoke Effects: Yes
Sound Effects: Yes
Max Firing range of Motor air gun: Approx 25m
Gun Shell: 6mm BB Shell

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