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Preisvergleich Produktbild Fidget Spinner Army Green Toys Suitable for Adults and Children

Fidget Spinner Army Green Toys Suitable for Adults and Children

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YCL Home
Fidget Spinner Toy Premium Bearing Tri-Spinner Fidget

Spin Freely Anywhere and Anytime !

Sit back, Fidget, Relax Put A Smile On Your Mind Now!

How to use:

Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly and keep it spinning indefinitely by using small continuous strokes.

Spinners can start and stop spinning only with the help of one finger.If it is a child to play, the finger is not wide enough, you can put it on the table, keep the middle of the disck, the same can continue to keep 2-4 minutes, the same fun.

About Fidget Spinner :

Material: ABS + metal
Size: 7*7 *1 cm
Weight: 60 g

Warm Tips:the color shown is for reference only; on a different monitor, the color will slightly Different from pictures shown

Package list:1 * Fidget Spinner

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